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Rosta Construction Company has had several years of corporate expertise and on-the-ground experience as well as the professional capability to complete any construction project within Afghanistan...


At Rosta Construction Company, we provide experienced and qualified workmanship that will get the job done right with their experience, professionalism, capability and efficiency. We use cutting edge and innovative techniques. We use superior quality materials that will last for years...

Construction Experience

Rosta Construction Company has the corporate experience, professional capability, recent on the ground Afghanistan expertise and "surge" capacity to complete the construction of any project within Afghanistan.

RCC is the qualified construction company and has the proven record performing quality work under aggressive construction schedules. The majority of the RCC and subcontractors team lives and works in Afghanistan. RCC team is a qualified team and is ready to begin work within a week of notification of contract award.

RCC is a qualified construction company with a track record of delivering projects on time and on budget to clients.

RCC offers a board spectrum of expert construction services ranging from conception to the completion and operation of the development projects. The scope of these services covers feasibility studies, surveying & mapping, investigations, designs, tender /contract documents, construction/installation supervisioon, contract management and post construction services as well as services in the information technology, monitoring,social and integrated rural development sectors.

RCC past performance since 1995 starting from the renovation of simple building up to construction of huge multi stories military buildings and compounds shows the company experience and capabilities and making a strong background for the company. Working of USACE & AFCEE project once again underlines the ability of the company.

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