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Rosta Construction Company has had several years of corporate expertise and on-the-ground experience as well as the professional capability to complete any construction project within Afghanistan...


At Rosta Construction Company, we provide experienced and qualified workmanship that will get the job done right with their experience, professionalism, capability and efficiency. We use cutting edge and innovative techniques. We use superior quality materials that will last for years...

Company Overview

Rosta Construction Company (RCC) is a local construction company. Its national stature is well established and it enjoys the reputation of being one of the top construction companies in Afghanistan and is ranked amongst the all qualified construction firms in Afghanistan.

RCC offers a broad spectrum of expert construction services ranging from conception to the completion and operation of the development projects. The scope of these services covers feasibility studies, surveying & mapping. investigation, designs, tenders & contract documents, construction/installation supervision, contract management and post- construction services as well as services in the information technology, monitoring, fire alarm, alarm system & evaluation, social and integrated rural development sectors.

Our company operates very well under the harsh war zone conditions , since the power interruptions are frequent and security issues are always a concern in the country our company strengthens the language skills, cultural sensitivity, and the business and political networks that are so vital for operating effectively and safely in Afghanistan.

RCC clients include the world Bank, Embassy of United States of America, Asian Development Bank, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), FCEC/UIP, Ghayat United Nation, AWCC, Technologist Incorporation, and some other national and governmental organizations and the non-profit community.

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