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RostaConstruction Company has had several years of corporate expertise andon-the-ground experience as well as the professional capability tocomplete any construction project...

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Rosta Residents

At Rosta Construction Company, our team of professional and subcontractors reside in the Rosta Residents, which is an Afghan guest house in Kabul. The Residents is located in Shash-e-Darag, where we make sure the security is very good, and is a short distance to the airport and city.


Even in harsh times, we ensure that the environment of the Rosta Residence gives you the feeling of home, with comfortable spacing, along with a friendly and efficient staff.


We Stay In Line With UN Security Regulations,
As Per the Following...

  • 4 Unarmed Guards on the Inside and 4 Armed Guards on the Outside
  • 30m Distance of the Building from Main Street
  • High Walls 3.5m with Razor Wire All Around the Building
  • Having Big Bunker for Special Events
  • Having Security Fence All Around the Windows of the Bunker
  • Having Strong Enough Door in the Bunker
  • All Doors and Windows Glasses Have Anti-Blast Films
  • Having First Aid Kits in Every Location and Floors of the Building
  • Having Fire Extinguisher in Every Location and Floor
  • Having Fire And Smoke Detector in Every Location and Room


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