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AtRosta Construction Company, we provide experienced and qualifiedworkmanship that will get the job done right with their experience,professionalism, capability and efficiency. We use cutting edge andinnovative techniques. We use superior quality materials that will lastfor years.



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Rosta Construction Company Past Projects 

  1. Construction of Strong Bomb Shelter in US Embassy (Kabul) In 1995
  2. Construction and Renovation servive for US Embassy (Kabul) In 2001-2003
  3. Construction and renovation service in UNICA Guest house (kabul)in 1997-2004
  4. Renovation of Palace #8 (Kabul)in 2002
  5. Construction and Renovation for World Bank offices, residences and guest houses (Kabul) in 2001-2007
  6. Construction and Renovation Service of Asian Development Bank Offices, Residence and Guest houses (Kabul) 2001-2004
  7. Renovation of MACA Maine Clearance Offices (Kabul)in 2003
  8. Construction/Renovation services for the ARUE office (Kabul) in 2003
  9. Construction services for the GDLN (Global Distance Learning Network) with UIP (Kabul) in 2003
  10. Construction services for the Jubaili Bros generator Company (Kabul) in 2004
  11. Cosntruction of AWCC operation BIdg (Kabul) in 2003
  12. Construction of ANA Logistic Building #4 (Kabul) in 2005-2006
  13. Construction of Ghazni Provincial Police Headquarter (Kabul) in 2006
  14. Construction of Highway Police Battalion- Surobi (Kabul) 2006-2007
  15. Cosntruction of ANA Fire Station Bldg #27 (Kabul) 2006-2007
  16. Construction of CMA Workshop Bldg #21 (Kabul) 2006-2007
  17. Construction of CMA Barrack #22,23 & 24 (Kabul) 2006-2007
  18. Construction tow Barracks in Gaurd Training Center Poli-charkhi (Kabul) 2007
  19. Facility service for the Afghan National Defence Force (ANDF) Camp Egger (Kabul) in 2007
  20. Construct KMTC Barrack Bldg # 147,148& 149 (Kabul) 2007
  21. Construct Log Dep ASP/ACP (Mazar) in 2007
  22. Construct Log Dep ASP Darul Aman (Kabul) in 2007



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